sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2011

Nova edição da revista Testing Experience : Testing @ Domains

 New Issue: Testing @ Domains

The first issue of 2011 drives us crazy! We have received a great deal of articles and decided to issue many of them. Exactly 32! This seems more a book than a magazine…
What happened is that a well known company sent the call for papers to the internal testing group, which we really appreciate a lot. This caused that many of their testers handed in a paper. If we wanted we could issue more than one magazine with only these papers. Please understand that we can not do this, even if most of the papers are very interesting. This is a sign, though, of the good quality of the testers and also about the communication and collaboration within the company culture. I like it. The huge amount of work is done mostly by our lector and graphic designers.

Baixe a Revista completa em: http://www.testingexperience.com/testingexperience13_03_11.pdf

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